The ORIGINAL Piston Door service

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  1. Hello.
    Ever wanted to make a Piston Door for your shop or home but you -snip- at redstone?
    well your in luck!
    I will set up 2x2 or 2x3 or 2x4 Door for YOU!

    2x2 (You provide materials) : 450r
    2x2 (I provide materials) : 900r
    2x3 (You provide materials) : 600r
    2x3 (I provide materials) : 1,100r
    2x4 (You provide materials) : 800r
    2x4 ( I provide Materials) : 1,400r

    If you need MULTIPLE piston doors open You get:
    2 Doors 5% off BOTH
    3 Doors 10% off ALL
    4 Doors 13% off ALL
    5 Doors 15% off ALL
    6 Doors 20% off ALL
    7 Doors Making a Coliseum?