The Ore store [Awesome store]

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  1. The ore store is at 18886 there should be a sign there that says "The Ore Store" and hopefully you will be happy what I have got for you, enjoy! Screenshot (71).png
  2. How often is that in stock? Because those diamonds are cheaper than the average nowadays
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  3. I recomend lowering are a specialization store so prices should be a bit lower then average
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  4. well I try to stock them every chance I get :D I mined for 3days so they are well stock ,about 3 or 4 stacks in there :)
  5. You should make it buy and sell as will help stock and more of a trade business
  6. I am good on Diamonds I put up sell signs on emeralds and gold because those are the ones that I need help on so if u can stock thos that will be great
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  7. I will bummp this again when I get more diamonds :)
  8. Will be visiting this I need some ores:)
  9. all the ores are still there but diamonds are out sorry
  10. I raised up the price to 57 if that make u happy lol
  11. 56 is really rare. I can't buy them, I don't have MC access. :(