The Olympic drama thread.

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  1. As the 2012 summer Olympics have just started, I made this thread NOT for the sports, but for the drama that's going to happen. Lets start this thread out!

    1. Olympic officials use South Korea flag for North Korea: This happened a DAY before the games even started. In a little soccer match, the officials put up the wrong flag for North Korea. Lets hope nothing happens with this.

    2. USA uniforms made in China: The uniforms worn by the USA are made in CHINA. A news source ( Forget name) are saying that they should be BURNED in Washington after the games.

    More drama to come as the games go on.
  2. I lol'ed my ass off when I saw the taped James Bond escorting the Queen to the games LOL!!
  3. Don't forget the idiot from Greece who made the racist tweet.
  4. Never heard about that, but something tells me not to talk about it..
  5. I didn't think of that. Mybad :3