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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by t6ler, May 30, 2012.

  1. Hello Empire Minecraft,

    Today I am looking to solve the question of "who is the oldest player that is still active today that is not Jeremy or Justin (we all know they started the whole thing so of course they're the first members :)). The server was started (correct me if I'm wrong someone) on August July 25, 2011 I joined August 29, 2011. Is there anyone that still plays on the Empire that joined before me? I just NEED to know!

    EDIT: This is including Moderators though as they are players too!
  2. I joined a day before you, but I doubt I have the longest tenure. That's one day according to our first sign-ins in the game, but I joined the site on August 18.

    Also, the first server was launched July 25.
  3. Oops my bad I'll change that
  4. was on 15 days ago :)
  5. That wasn't to play.
  6. What was it for then...
  7. I want to know who is the oldest member that is active on the servers today, not who just goes on the site once in a while.
  8. Would be belchmaster then.
  9. Looks right to me, even though I haven't seen any sign of him. He probably hides out in Utopia.
  10. Last played according to /p on utopia 1 day ago
  11. I know, I meant see him personally.
  12. Was just proving your point he only plays on Utopia :)
  13. So t6ler, was your curiosity just driving you insane or was there a reason for this?
  14. Haha it was actually just my curiosity ;)