The Object To Your Left

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  1. This is a game I found out about on Know Your Meme. The game is called "The Object To Your Left". The game is simple, look to your left, find the nearest object, and post a picture it. The following is your scenario:

    (I didn't want to do this one, but the only other image was "The object to your left is your new cutie mark, what is it?", and another inappropriate one. Zombies will have to do).

  2. and this aswell:

    And this:

    Well, i'm pretty much entertained with an unplugged tv and skybox. Also that ps2 is old.
  3. I'm sorry what is that?
    Also, there is a new object to my left.

    You can go more than once, but don't go multiple times in a row.
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  4. This should be useful... Not
  5. A drawing my brother drew for me.
  6. dsaf.png
    At least I will be able to hear them coming.
  7. I can read up on The Art of War and smash zombies!

    Trust me, 1G Nooks hurt... :confused:
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  8. A VERY sharp pencil.

  9. One of these and the wrapping paper stuff from one of these bad boys:
  10. To my left: spoon.jpg

    Outside my window: Zombie Apocolypse.jpg
    Oh Joy...
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  11. Well that is a very large- shiny Spoon. You may be able to catch them on fire
  12. a couch and a wall...
  13. LOL
  14. oh and my mother has a pillow