The oak issue

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  1. I'm not sure why, oaks now seem to force grow in town even if they don't have enough space to do so. I had a little bonsai garden and it got ruined because of oak trees growing in a 3 block high space, replacing with their leaves the jungle leaves that served as a roof.

    It also happened in my chicken room, I got a screenshot of that:


    It doesn't affect birch saps, I haven't tried with spruce or jungle. It's not something serious, just a bit annoying xD I'll use pots I guess, but anyways, has anyone else experienced this?
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  2. Maybe it has something to do with Aikar changing around the entity-activation range? Not sure if saplings are included, but hmm... I'll have a test

    *Edit: Yep, I'm getting the same :confused:

    **Edit: Appears to be Oak trees only.
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  3. Never noticed this problem although I haven't been on EMC for a while.
  4. Thanks a lot, I thought it migh have something to do with the entity changes and all, glad to know it's not some weird thing in my res only. Now I don't know if I would like it to be fixed or am ok with oaks growing like that... it's great for a "wood farm" :p
  5. Source: Minecraft Wiki
  6. But that didn't happen before... or did it? Now I'm not sure anymore xD I don't know if I created the cucco room and the bonsai garden at the same time... hmmm. Thanks, maybe that is the problem.
  7. I spend time lumber jacking, and i have never had this issue, oh well.
  8. That must be recent... then again, I haven't really grown my own trees underground for a while :p