The "Nice" Thread

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  1. People here at EMC are getting a little too big for their boots. Im constantly seeing people snapping at each other, flaming, and genrally being arrogant. There are currently thousands of posts i could quote right now as an example.

    People need to calm down and understand just because 90% of the people here now arn't new, those 10% that are new, still need help and not to be shouted at. Stop treating people like idiots!

    As an exercise, I want you all to post something NICE about EMC Community, People you've met, features you enjoy ect..

    No more moaning about glitchs, bugs, noobies, pvp, wasteland or general flaming on the forum.

    If you were patient enough to read this far, as a little incentive to post something nice and happy. I'll pay 10,000r to the person's post that gets the most likes in exactly 7 days from now.

    When you leave this thread, bare in mind that you ARE going to see questions repeated over and over on the forum from people that need a little guidence. Stop getting angry about it, and post something nice and helpful!

  2. I was waiting for someone as NICE as you to do this. :)

    The thing that i LOVE about EMC is that they have a very good staff, always nice, and always available to help. :)

    Edit: I <3 all my friends that i have made. :)
  3. The friends I have made are the best. <3
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  4. People like Qwertyip are what make it nice here. Likes to you.
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  5. Not a polite way to address empire citizens.

    Time, then, to look at the man in the mirror.

    It isn't nice to patronize people, even if you do offer a prize.

    Please dont boss others around or tell them how to feel. Getting angry is natural. What you do about your anger is what is important.
  6. It's time to...
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  7. I nearly ever donate but I had a mood for it a few days ago.

    Some guy was starting a shop on smp4 and it seemed that he planned something mediumsized, a shop with even different sections and teleports to the sections. To me it looked promising, so I donated him quite a few rupees (no, im not giving a number, but he was definitely happy with it, and thats important). Now that's good, but it gets better.
    I checked it out yesterday, and he continued building like crazy, it is improving day by day, and I love to check it out.
    I honestly can't wait for the opening.

    Good thing: He didn't beg for anything, he earned a donation and he truly does a good thing with it. I really think that's nice.
  8. Finding so awesome people everywere on the forums
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  9. I can't tell if your trolling or not, but the manner of my post is to better the community.
    Plus, that wasnt a very nice post :eek:

    My 'Nice' thing of the day, is coming in after a hard days work, logging onto smp2, and being greeted by all the lovely people :)
  10. Well, Qwertyip is very right. This is a great server, but it is really ruined by all of the people. That might be why everyone is leaving.
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  11. But I am not trying to be mean.
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  12. I very much have to agree with qwertyip here, I enjoy nothing more than coming in from a long day at work to sitting down with a good cup of tea and building something on smp2 with all the names I know to keep me company.
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  13. Well, depends on what you mean by helping. I like to help new people, but i don't care if the palyer is new or not, when he/she start breaking the rules and won't stop even after warning, then why should i help them? There are many of those. Especially i can't stand caps users. They are spamming with caps and when you warn them they keep asking "why do you care about caps?" Well, I care, i don't like them and rules are also clear that caps are not allowed - so here, you have two reasons. But they don't understand, so they keep using caps and add (sorry caps) in the same sentence or immediately in next one, like that would fix the problem.
    So, yeah, hard to be nice all the time.
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  14. Well we think of being nice as being generous to people, thinking of ways of "sacrifice" and giving. That is what it is, all those very nice people like piggy who have cheap daily deals. Oleyy who sells cheap wood to new members, Leo who has those quarter auctions for beginners to help them get a foot in the door of the Imperial economy. Icecream Cow who although rules this forum with an iron fist he judges fairly and is a quick reply in questions. Also I have seen many donators that give away diamonds, rupees and random resources. I applaud all these people showing a sense of generosity without a thought of themselves!
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  15. My second nice thing is that B4MAN5IMON let me use his crafting table :)
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  16. I love all the people. (-:
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  17. I love the community and staff!
    Also love my blue colored forum posts :D
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  18. I remember this one person, right as I had been exiting the wilderness and into the protected area I see 1 guy(I did player info on him and he had just joined and his first Empire sign-in had been 6-days ago). I remember I said hi to him and he said hi back. We had a little chat and just from that chat I could tell that he was a really nice guy. You know when you get the urge to ask a question because you know the person's response will be a nice one? Well that was how I felt when I asked him the question "How many rupees do you have at the moment?" He told me that he was not doing well financially and only had around 300 rupees. I had been in the Empire for quite the while and understood that it was quite tough to work with just 300 rupees. So I gave him 1000 rupees. He thanked me and I hoped I had made him happy. For as I always say to people I chat with online (EMC of course) "I am happy when the community is happy". Something that makes me even happier is knowing I contributed to the happy community.

    Anyway, now he is a diamond supporter, is active, has been on EMC for over 100 days and has big projects going on that look like they are going to be quite successful.

    If I do win the prize Qwertyip has offered, not 1 of those rupees will be spent towards my personal gain in any way. All 10000 rupees will be donated to new players in the empire that I see deserve it. And notice how the player I donated to a while back never asked me for the rupees, I had given them to him.

    If you have taken the time to read this please like this post as I only mean the best towards our community.:)
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  19. i've got a positively huge list of buddies and this server has so many awesome staff members and worlds!
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    1. I've met a lot of nice people here, some I consider friend and not just acquaintance. (Like our friend with the Tapir avatar :rolleyes:)
    2. This is the first server I have encountered this on but it's nice having someone close by grab your things and place them in a chest for you to get once you make your way back from being stuck pretty far from your death point.
    3. I've encountered rude people but in turn there are just as many, if not more, nice people who outweigh the bad.
    4. I love visiting other servers or residences and seeing all the awesome things people build.
    5. Staff are helpful and do come to your aid when needed. Yes it's not right away but it doesn't take them two days to respond to everything like some game staff do.
    6. People are always willing to help someone rebuild or give advice on shops and whatnot.