The New X-Ray Texture Pack?!

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  1. Hello, Empire! Today while I was looking for texture packs online that fits my personality, I came across one that looked interesting: Dokucraft. It was beyond cool! But, it's also dangerous and unfair. Today / Yesterday night, I was in my Mooshroom farm, I looked at a mushroom block I put in the corner, and I was shocked. The block was completely transparent, and I mean X-RAY TRANSPARENT!! This also applies to End Stone and Nether Brick. JustinGuy: Please do something about this.
  2. Delete that texture pack. Now. Unless you want to be banned. Unless its not actually an xray texture pack. Then just update it.
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  3. It is very odd that those blocks would be transparent... It may be an old texture pack. Any and all x-ray texture packs are a bannable offense in EMC fyi.
  4. No! Pls don't! I came across accidentally! I'm just warning you guys about it!
  5. Woah calm down:) We were just letting you know that x-ray texture packs arent allowed!
  6. Ty. :D Tell JustinGuy about this. He might want to know.
  7. there's nothing they can do - really.
  8. Yea, theres no way to disable this,except an anti xray plugin (which lags the server like mad)
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  9. A plugin like that wouldnt affect a texture pack. It only works on mods.
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  10. then some of those mods have Anti-xray bypass
  11. I would suggest you have an incomplete Doku File,

    Do a google search for DokuCraft, the saga continues.

    this pack works perfectly as long as you have MCPatcher installed of are running Optifine 1.2.5
  12. Seeing as endstone, netherbrick, and mushroom blocks were all introduced recently, I would check to make sure you have the 1.2.5 version of the TP. I know a lot of people who use DokuCraft and I've never heard about any xraying.
  13. Yeah- i got a new one and all the new planks were transparent! I never use it now.
    To the point, there must be SOME pluginout there that can detect these malicious texture packs.
  14. Using the new Dokucraft, myself. Haven't run into any transparent blocks, other than glass. Maybe you need to run mcpatcher or something.
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  15. Dokucraft, made by Doku? Doku doesn't update that pack anymore, use the fan-made version instead. That one is kept to up to date.
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  16. I believe there is a bug in the latest version of Optifine as I also noticed this on crafting tables and melons with an HD Pack.

    I believe the issue is limited to HD packs, as my 16x pack doesn't have the issue.

    As long as its a normal TP, and your not using the bug to your advantage you can keep using the pack..

    Were not going to punish you unless you start using the bug as a tool to your advantage.
  17. There is a star trek texture pack that makes torches transparent.
  18. going to do what?

    there isnt any plugin as its user side like with a normal x-ray mod the plugin makes it so that unseeable blocks by users become random ores lagging the user out but a texture pack has nothing to do with unseen blocks but in 1.3+ i believe Notch will add this normally to a server such as server texture packs
  19. This is an error in the texture pack, where an update rendered the old mapping un-usable and the mapping was not update correctly. Nothing to do with X-raying. There is not a texture where the item needs to be. So it is transparent. Nothing illegal about it. Find a newer version.

    xD This thread is funny.
  20. ^^ theres a star trek pack? lol awesome
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