The new trophies!

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Do you got all trophy points?

Yes! Of course! 8 vote(s) 33.3%
No.... 16 vote(s) 66.7%
  1. I recently got all the trophies, but I want more! So I made some more:

    - Get 5 referrals

    - Get 10 referrals

    - Get 2000 posts

    - Get 1000 likes

    - Get 1500 likes

    - 100k club!

    - 200k club!'



    - Being a highest posting member

    -100k TEXP

    Those are my new ones!
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  2. My status on the trophies:

    - 2 referrals to go! :D
    - 700 posts to go.... xD
    - 175 likes to go!
    - 15k to go!
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  3. Yeah I have already referred 5 people! Shun787, Damo16, a_fox, Vampirates9, Mi5ter_pigin5 and was referred by Danpharg...
  4. I referred 3 people, but some I gave to a friend so they are not my name....
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  5. Hmm... I'll think of some too...
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  6. Ow yeah, forgot that one! let me edit
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  7. Wow, I am going fast with rupees, 8k to go!
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  8. 100k club, gotcha!
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  9. Can someone follow me, than I got 20 followers....
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  10. LUCKY! Haha.
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  11. I am accually at 130k club... :p
  12. I just need that darn referal trophy and I will have them all.
  13. :D, u mad, bro?

    And yeah, just buy a gift code for a alt account
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  14. Mhm I dont wanna buy the game agian.
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  15. Nah, I referred my father, my little brother and a friend
  16. Haha cool!
  17. Got 'em all except for the first D:
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  18. Followm me? For the 20th follower?
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  19. Aha I got like 44 followers.