The new tip system is missing something....

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Leowaste, Dec 30, 2011.

  1. Like a tip on how to disable it. lol

    "/tip off" just gives u more tips!
  2. I like the tips - but perhaps a bit less frequent... I see this as a good 'hey - RTFM'.
  3. I agree tips are usefull. but an option to turn it off would be nice ;p
  4. That would be the first thing 'I want it now' ppl would turn off...

    I'm of the mindset to making a sign wall - that mods can send someone to... Ask about how to set a perm on land... BAM get auto sent to wall...
  5. Good feedback everyone :) The reason for the tip system was just some simple things that even our most seasoned players forget and the most common things people ask about. Currently they show one every 20 minutes (actually a little longer depending on load). I will add some sort of /tip off command in a future update :) Also not that this helps but /ch off does disable them ;)
  6. wait wait wait, there are tips in chat every 20mins? i never even noticed.....
  7. Haha it was just added tonight. You can also get a random tip with /tip ;)
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  8. Woah, never realised this was added until I just read the "Empire changes log". I personally love this addition, for me I think it's a good reminder for newer players to the Empire of all the many commands available for use. I think it would also be handy to use a /ch tip off command for people who are familiar with the commands. Once again, great work Justin :)
  9. Guess what! With today's chat update you can now /tip off and /tip on :) enjoy and thanks for the feedback all!