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  1. I Found Out How To Use Shaders...

    This Is What Happened...

  2. I myself don't like shaders all that much, but they look nice none the less. :)
  3. I like the tone and color of the glowstone. It's a really cool contrast from the other stuff.
  4. The night ones are really cool. Could you post a link to the sharer pack you are using?
  5. is this a texture pack or what?
  6. He is using a texture pack and a shader mod. Shader mods basically add a proper lighting system to MC.
  7. Doesn't this mod cause a lot of lag if you don't have that good of a computer?
  8. Sorry to be such a downer, but spawn still looks horrid in my opinion, the water and everything else look great :D I just have a bit of anger towards the structure of spawn and architecture lolz. Oh, maybe we can have a contest to see what the new spawns will be >.>
    Great shaders btw. Which ones do you use?
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  9. It Depends Which type you are using if you have optifine light and the shader on low then you will have actually good fps, but yes it depends on your computer, but their are ways to improve it for the lower end computers
  10. Yes I agree I just really wanted to show the awesome shaders off but the contest actually sounds cool! :)
    I use Sonic Ether's Unbelievable Shaders:
  11. Ya Its Really awesome!
    Which resource pack do you use, and what level of sonic ether?
  12. I use Lb Photo
    I don't use shaders because I Well. Dont know how to install a mod :O
  13. ok well its kinda easy
    1. Go to
    2.Go to all downloads section and click on the latest one in installer version
    3. Once Downloaded click on it. Click install client then press ok
    4. launch the Minecraft Launcher
    5 Click the New Profile tab at the bottom left corner of the launcher
    6. Name This shaders in the Text Box.
    7.Then go down to where it says use version: click the one that will look different then all of the others saying forge in its name
    8. Click save Profile and click on the game
    9.Now Close the game. (This is important because your .minecraft folder has changed to where it has a mod folder in it
    10. In Your .Minecraft folder which is found at %appdata% drag the shaders mod into the mods folder Link to shaders mod:
    11.Start the game back up and then close it again
    12. Now there should be a shadersPacks Folder in your .minecraft folder
    13. Drag the Shader zip. in their.
    14. Launch Minecraft and now in game their should be more options in the in game options menu saying shaders
    15. Here is where your shader that you dragged in should show up
    16. Click on it and your done!!!!
    Youtube and Magic Launcher will probably be easier though.
    I Hope You found this Helpful :D
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  14. Thanks sooo much. I will try this now :)
  15. How do I know which resolution will work best on my computer? I do have opti-fine installed.