The new Endermall

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  1. Hey guys! Endermall has changed a lot! I added an new floor prices has been changed, and the magenta Ender sign has been moved. New teleporters added also! If you have a question or comment please send a Written book (it cannot be an book and quil) or post it. If you want something added send it to my inbox. If you would like to help restock here are the requirements (this is volunteer work, you will not be paid but you will be credited)

    Requirements: Must be 105 days or older.
    If you were banned or muted before you cannot restock
    Must be honest
    Must be reliable

    Location: SMP8 /v +endermall

    Enderking :cool:
  2. I don't think you'll get anyone for the restocking. People usually don't stock a shop for nothing... it's hard work.
  3. Great coolblox. I might have to give you 1k :D