The New 11100 Loong Shop! The Best-Priced Enchants!

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  1. INTRO:

    The new Loong shop is now open! We sell anything you can enchant! We offer services such as grinder building, free forge use (@ back of shop), private enchants, and enchantment customization!

    As we just started we may be out of stock often! Please be patient!
    x1 Sharpness III Book-225r
    x1 Feather Falling IV-550r


    Public anvil is in the back, next to where you pick up auction items. Pm me about enchant customization, private enchants, or grinder building, please specify which kind you would like. I also do Iron farms, end grinders, or anything else with the name 'farm' or 'grinder' in it.

    See you there at 11100 loong shop, go forward then the teleport on the right
  2. Need moar enchanting :D