The Neverending Questions!

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  1. The idea of this forum game, which fits in this forum to be honest, is simple. What I'm going to do is ask a random question, then you answer it, and add your own question. Trust me, these games qlways end up fun. I'll start.

    Question One: What is your second favorite TV show?
    My answer: Regular Show.

    Now it's your turn!

    Clarification on how this works.
    Question 1: Answer.
    Question 2:Answer.
    Question 3: Answer.
    Add a question.
  2. What is your favourite type of Mexican food?
  3. My favorite Mexican food is tacos. Also, you have to answer the question.
  4. How many rupees do you have?

    I have 46k atm.
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  5. What is your favorite sport?
    Mine is soccer.
  6. Okay, I guess this is an AMA.
    19k, I don't really care for the rupees.
    Also soccer.
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  7. 'Bout 88k.
  8. Bout' 425k, just sayin'
  9. Do you like pie?

    My Answer: Heck Yeah!
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  11. Regular Show
    The ones that are like Tacos but with the bumpy shell....I'll have to google them >.< Edit: Chalupas
    Archery, and no, not because of Katniss
    Yes, pumpkin is my favorite.

    Why can't people follow instructions?
  12. Brother has 900k
  13. Guys, you're supposed to do as my post illustrates above ^
  14. Family Guy, first is Big Bang Theory
    Burritos from Chipotle NOM NOM
    128,202. And no I was never a Diamond supporter.
    Because they're simple minded creatures.
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  15. Sadly this world is full of "simple minded creatures"
  16. Are you a simple minded creature? Yes
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  17. Haha! 39,055 rupees =3
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  18. Because people are lazy idiots.
  19. Another one who can't follow instructions

    Answer the previous posts question and then post your own..

    A:What is adventure time?

    My question: Do you understand how it works now?
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  20. Yes
    El Hormiguero
    1,867 rupees.
    I like Pumpkin Pie :D

    Because they don't understand them.

    My question: what is your favorite type of Spanish food?