The Nether-Ending Res

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  1. Recently I have accumulated a res next to the town spawn on SMP3 and started working on it to be a potions and enchantments store. The name of this res is the nether-ending res. The Nether part is for potions and the end part is for enchantments. It has taken ALL of my money to make this leaving me with 970 Ruppees left i think i am the poorest diamond supporter. Anyway back to business. The Grand Opening for this res will be in 4 days on August 19th 2012. This Will Be the day everyone has move on. There will not be a grand opening just an announcment that you are currently reading. I hope this will thrive and many people will enjoy it. Thank You. BTW the nether-ending part is a pun
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  2. lol i see what you did there:D
  3. I made this a long time ago and earned around 25k every week. Hope this works for you ;)
  4. Thank You Creppa i hope u go diamond or gold soon :)
  5. I am going DIAMOND and going to reunite with the Slime Famr ( If anybody uses it :( )
  6. Oh, u mean never-ending? Clever... ;)
  7. yes yes i do mean never ending