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  1. So, I am a big fan of the shows Marvel has with Netflix. At SDCC (San Diego Comic-con), Netflix teased more Luke Cage as well as our first look at Iron Fist and The Defenders. I shall post the teaser trailers in order of their date of release.

    Luke Cage, Sept 30 2016

    Iron Fist, "Coming Soon" (Have a feeling the date will be at the end of Luke Cage once on Netflix like how Luke Cage was shown on end of DD S2).

    The Defenders, 2017 (Now, we dont know yet if we will get a S2 of JJ before this comes, though I dont think so...)

    Subsequently, they also announced that *surprise surprise* DD will get a S3, no date announced.

    Anyone else excited? I have loved the ones they have currently (Jessica Jones and Daredevil). I binge watched both shows, even saw all of DD S2 that same day it came out lol. Cannot wait for Sept30.
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  2. I saw Jessica Jones, and really liked it, but have not got around to Daredevil... have you see the other Marvel shows not made by Netflix? Like Marvels Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D?
  3. Agents of SHIELD is next on my watchlist after I finish Homeland. :)
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  5. XD I never knew this was on Netflix ima check it out!
    PS I am sad, Netflfix took Doctor Who off of it so now i have to buy the epsiodes on amazon prime ;-;