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  1. Greetings,
    I am NaturallyFlawed. You can call me Nat for short.
    I have been playing minecraft for about a year now.
    I'm not partial to Redstone, but I dabble a bit.
    My creations are ones that most would find, simple. But, they are anything but.
    I like to dig underground for most of my creations.

    At any rate, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

    - Nat (The Hooded One)
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  2. Welcome to the Empire! I look forwards to seeing some of your builds :)
  3. Tis wil lbe interesting! Most of my creations have obsidian and mineral blocks involved, but i mainly use smooth sandstone for pyramids. HAS YOUR MIND EXPLODED YET?
  4. Ironically, my "little sister's" name is Natt.. xD She isn't really my sister, but she is like a sister to me.. If you wanna see simple, visit my res in SMP6.. It looks simple, but most of my res there is underground.. My res in Utopia also has stacked farms, but that is inside my private courtyard, and besides the fact that that res is currently under construction..
  5. Oh yeah my utopian res has a huge underground facility, the surface is my testificate testing ground
  6. Welcome to our servers :)
  7. Wow, didn't expect to get so many wonderful responses. Lol.
    I've found it a bit difficult to get used to the way things are done here, but over all
    I think it's gonna be great. I'll have to check out your res Autumn.

    Oidgod, you and I would get along well. Lol. I can see a sense of dark, yet light heartedness about you. Lol.

    First starting out, my creations will be simple...I'm hoping to get to use a bit more Redstone this time around, and as the 60x60 block res area seems more than enough for me, I'm sure I'll make it worth while.

    I'm really trying not to go It's hard.
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  8. My SMP6 address is 12507 and my Utopia address is 5092.. but there isn't alot to see at my utopia res..
  9. hey what is you res #
    and what server
  10. Welcome to the Empire! :D
  11. Welcome to te empire!! I am the GIF king and I live on smp 4 (8017)!
  12. Thanks, i use undrground structures sometimes, and obsidian structures (when i do use them) just are awesome... Ad my pyramids are wild community things.
  13. SMP6 - 12680 is my Address