The Nacirema Culture

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Who are the Nacirema?

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American Indians 1 vote(s) 33.3%
Other? 1 vote(s) 33.3%
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  1. To all of you social studies teachers out there, need something to baffle your students with? Then look at the Nacirema culture! And think: what are my reactions to this?

    Some guiding tips and tricks:
    1) Take off your cultural blinders. Make sure that you know the backstory before reacting.
    2) What do we have in common with the Nacirema culture?
    3) Think outside the box
    4) There are hard words in there, for all of you schoolers. If you need help: either ask dictionary, or comment below, I can help you. (with some.)
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  2. Did you figure out who the Naricema was?
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  3. I can think of one thing we have in common with them right off the bat (at least in the USA) is the still-common procedure of circumcising our baby boys. In Europe (where I have lived the past 13 years), they see this is barbaric and cruel - and totally unnecessary. While it didn't specifically mention this procedure in the article, I can see parallels in that it is still done only because it is perceived to be 'clean' and 'attractive'. And that it is done without the consent of the patient.
    There are some cultures where they even circumcise their girls, (when they reach puberty - without anaesthetics!) even in some places sewing them completely shut to keep them pure.

    Education is the key to helping them rise above their superstitions.
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  4. Well, it is American spelt backwards, so...
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  5. No... I don't plan on doing it myself, either.
  6. That's the point. Most people would go eeew... And it's us! Humans! The box is our bathroom cabenit, shrine is the bathroom, etc.