The Mysteries Of EMC

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  1. I just seen a thread titled 'The Mystery Of Residence 3140' and it got me thinking: "What OTHER mysteries in EMC are there?". There is also a blue glowing platform in the utopia nether that i've seen on the live map, but i'd imagine the journey is very dangerous and only its creator visits it.

    So what mysteries have you seen on EMC recently? I would like to know :)
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  2. Not quite a mystery but few days ago I found a residence on smp5 there was unowned. It was unowned but there was buildings and such on it. I don't know how there was buildings and such, but there was chest-shop and I checked the name via playerinfo, and that dude was online. I went over to his residence, it wasnt the same residence so I got a supporter to claim that residence (RetroTech if I remember correctly) He looted the chest and such, and we had fun with fire.

    And I still don't know HOW there was buildings on a unowned residence :confused:
  3. Hacks, maybe? This may explain the buildings on the unclaimed residences. Or there could be a bug with the residence plugin and you could have made somebody very pissed off :p
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  4. I assumed the old owner of the residence was that dude there had his name on chest-shop signs. He had a residence, so dunno, but it was unowned so hmm :p
  5. There's a lot more, Justin added a lot of easter eggs when the Wild Reset happened.
    There's a easter egg on SMP1, 5, and 9. Well what I know of. :)
  6. is the fountain thingy one of the easter eggs? and could you tell me where it is on smp5 ;P
  7. Hello People.
    Next Week I am going to Visit the STRANGE blue thing in the Utopian Nether.
    I will livestream the 1-2 hour journey on
  8. I found a random sandstone water well between an outpost and the spawn,cut somebody said its a random generating structure, which is very rare.
  9. Theres this REALLY awesome res on smp1, its 1303. Its soo cool. I think the owner hacked to make it look so cool... Wait... :confused:
  10. Dude this is the livemap you can see only the top (bedrock)! (imposible to go thare)
  11. Easter eggs? WHHAT?????
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  13. The entrance to it is hidden in one of the fountains near the Empire Shop.
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