The music thread.

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  1. Seeing that all of the music threads seem to have died in the first week or os, i'm going to try to keep this one alive as long as I can.

    1. No songs that promote hate.
    2. Songs with swears need to have a warning above it.
    3. Not really a rule, but I would really like it if no religious music was put, just to make sure nothing happens.

    *One swear, not noticeable unless you know where it is.*
  2. This a playlist I listen to quite often
    *Warning most songs have swears in them*
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  3. Love this song :O
    The beat in it is just amazing!

  4. Warning, explicit content ahead. Edit: I just realized I accidentally put up a clean version "Not All Who Wonder Are Lost". The original version of the song has now been posted.

  5. And i'm out. I have rather, lets say explicit, music tastes. And BilboBaggins23 can vouch for this.
  6. That's... great? Its not my fault the EMC rules say this.
  7. wait, i think i found one. This is probably explicit, but im not sure

    and here's another, maybe a little bit of hate, but if it offends anyone i'll remove it (probably explicit too)
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  8. This is cool. I'm gonna listen to all of them. I won't be posting however because I don't really want people to know the songs I like, as I think you can tell a lot about a person that way.
  9. Then you might be slightly disturbed at the songs I posted.
  10. Haha no I don't care about what others post, just I don't want anyone thinking of me a certain way.
  11. Dang... How many songs are mixed into that?
  12. Quite a few.
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  13. There is 1 Curse

    *EDIT* Skip to 1:03
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  14. Caution One Swear in the begining
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  15. Because when you think Machine Head, you also think children's choir.