The Muffin-Loving Member, MP

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  1. Hai der',

    I am Xaio34 also known as MP, you can call me Xaio34 as who I am mostly called by mai friends. I am mostly online, on the day of Friday and Saturday. I come online every day but just for a sec. to vote. I wub Muffins and I leik Pies. I wub to brew potions and build awesome builds like a Modern House, I started playing Minecraft in 2009 but I didn't register instead I play on Cracked Servers but now I am premium along with mai other friends IRL, Ejjong32, Mageattack, and kien41 who currently played EMC and still playing EMC are Ejjong32 and kien41, they are good friends and awesome to play with. I wub Music. I Quote 'I Have Dream That One Day There Will Be No Lag' (lol). I live in smp1 but first lived in smp7, then smp3. Now smp1. I was gone for months and now has came back to build moar awesome builds :D

    The Muffin-Loving Member,
  2. Welcome back!
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  3. I'm sorry for bumping this thread but this needs to be addressed.
    I am the muffin loving member. Anyone can tell you that. You be one of my minions. :3
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