The Most Interesting Minecrafter in the Empire

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  1. I don't know how many of you have noticed, but up in the upper right-hand corner of the homepage, there's this nifty little box that shows you, among other things, the number of posts you've made and the number of times your posts have been liked. I started wondering who had the highest like-to-post ratio...

    So here's the thread to find out! Below is a very simple formula to figure out your own LTP ratio. Post the results if you want, and lets find out who EMC's most popular poster is!


    [# of site likes received] / [# of site posts] = Like-to-Post ratio (round to 2 decimal places)

    mine is currently about 1.29

    EDIT: because of this post, i'm now at about 1.28
  2. Im not good with ratios. :( But i have around 754 post and 75 like? ratio please?
  3. Don't know how to work out so I have 326 site posts and 44 site likes so now what?
  4. 0.87... However.. alot of those posts are located where only a small group can like them ;).. and plus.. I have quite the large amount of posts to begin with :p

    @ mrsmiley99 - 0.10

    @robot_chicken_66 - 0.13
  5. excuse me ismooch, can you please tell me my ratio? coz your smart and stuff :)
  6. I'm not sure "interesting" is the right word. It could insinuate something about the quality of your posts, but even that's questionable. If you often post in obscure threads (ones that get few views) even a high-quality or interesting post may get little attention. Honestly, I don't think that number really means much. I'll join in, though, for shifts and giggles.

    My "Like-to-Post ratio" is 0.81 at the time of this post.
  7. ismooch, is that a challenge?
  8. By the way.. at this time, I will be liking every post in this thread until page 4 ( I have had to start putting page limits on my "like" threads cos you guys hog up my time xD)
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    • Site Posts: 640
    • Site Likes Received: 376
    • Ratio: .59
  9. xD So it IS a challenge, i see :) >: )
  10. your math is a little off there buddy.. flip them around :p


    little hint, if you have less likes than posts, it will not be a whole number :p
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  11. wait, its a Competition now, is it leowase joining i see???
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  12. The attention hounds are at it again. :p
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  13. So, is mine good?
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  14. By the way, in case anyone gets any crazy ideas (RoBoT_ChIcKeN_66, I'm looking at you :p)
    I'd just like to mention this little excerpt from the Terms and Rules:
  15. Thats what I put, you just changed it to make me look bad.......
    lawlz JK JK