The Most Amazing Song EVER! (At least in my opinion)

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  1. I think everybody should check out this classic and amazing song. It's name is free bird and if you do get the chance to listen to this amazing song, post a comment on what you thought of it. You can Find the song right here, KABLAM!-------> Edit To Title: Best Classic Song Ever
  2. It's a little too classic guitarish and not dubstepish enough for my taste…
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  3. Then you sir, are in to the modern era, as in 2013 modern. I L-O-V-E LOVE classic rock
  4. Correction: These songs are the best ever:

  5. There are new songs that I hear, but I listen to them and they eventually get old, but radioactive will always be my favorite.
  6. I have to agree with you on radioactive. I have heard that song so many times and will not get bored of it.
  7. I just discovered Radioactive a few days ago and now love it :D
    I'll be singing it and uploading it to my channel, for those who didn't know :p
  8. *I suggested it
    If and when you do see it, linky to meh channel xD
  9. Best song ever by 1D.... JOKING WHO LISTENS TO THAT! Except my friend....

    Best song for me is "The other side"

    It has a story behind it atm

  10. I had too... dat Chorus... O_O
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  11. i like metal like Metallica, ozzy, iron maiden,machine head, black Sabbath and also some newer stuff like bullet for my valentine
  12. If you haven't heard Cake you haven't heard music.
  13. Free Bird is in my opinion the best Skynyrd song :)
  14. You all know that this is the best music.

    By who?
  15. Jason Derulo but like I said BACK Story :p
  16. While Free Bird is a classic, it's hardly the best Skynyrd song in my opinion, Simple Man is my favorite from Skynyrd.

    And a few other unrelated songs for your cultural/viewing pleasure :p
    <- One of my Personal Favorites
    <- Mild Language (Nothing Damaging :p)
    <- Heavier but still amazing
    <- Also Heavy, but so good :p

    And that's all for now unless people want more :)
  17. Maybe I should have made the title, post about your favorite songs.
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  18. Saw Avicii live on Friday, came here to post this ;)