The MobBuster Recruitment Thread!

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  1. Well, the Marlix Mastery Team (AmusedStew, Curundu, and yours truly) have decided to select a fourth and final member for the MobBuster Team.

    There is NO GUARANTEE we will pick you
    Only 1 member will be chosen by a vote amongst us 3.


    Must be okay with frequent Town-Wastelands trips on SMP2
    Okay with dying a lot
    Understand Momentus/Marlix attacks/spawns/drops/etc.


  2. Also all must understand that for the more rare drops we will most likely auction them and split money due to fighting over it (which Aikar settled anyways)
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  3. I was considering joining a team like this since I think it would be fun :) Now one question, how would we split the diamonds/ other drops?
  4. drops/4
  5. That's what I thought, just wanted to double check.
  6. Sent in mine, but I have a question: What timezone do most of you live?
  7. Me and Stew are both EST, I'm not sure about Curundu. I believe he's CST or PST.
  8. Cool, I might join ;)
    EDIT: Question about the form: When it says "Have you ever killed a boss before?", can I put yes, even though I haven't yet? I will be fighting Momentus very soon with some friends of mine. :)
  9. For the have you killed a boss with a group or solo, What if you have done both?
  10. just put in solo if you did both, we want someone who will not dye over and over within seconds. (we fought giants and momentus and only one who died was kirb [he died intentionally])
  11. distraction much? :p
  12. no he wanted his skull xD
  13. Note: I didn't die until AFTER Momentus had been murdered in cold blood
  14. Assumed that :3 xD