The (mis)Adventures of Kilmannan on SMP5

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  1. The sweat trickles down my brow as I stand on the hot Nether Rack, my gaze carried to the painfully bright glow of the lava lakes down below. I'm attracted to a different glow though. The glow of all the untouched, virgin Glowstone that adorns the cavernous roofs of the Nether.

    Hefting my trusty Enchanted Pickaxe with Forune, Efficiency and Unbreaking, I check my bag for my torches and head off into the evil that is, the Nether.

    Thirty minutes later and I'm carrying several stacks of Glowstone Dust and the days work is almost at an end.

    That's when it all goes wrong.

    I smash through a two high wall of Nether Rack and I find myself face-to-face with a Zombie Pigman. Too late, the momentum from the pickaxe takes the sharp end straight into his face. The abomination squeals in pain and before I know what's happend, there are four of them on me.

    Fists flail, swords clash. One goes down in a horrible death cry, but before I can turn around, the blade sinks deep into my shoulder and I die.

    I come to, back at the Spawn Point. Gods be praised, another chance!

    I pat my pockets and then it hits me... My 17,000r pickaxe and over 5000r worth of Glowstone is lying, unattended, unprotected, out there amongst the horrors.

    I waste no time, grabbing some more supplies from the Vault and begin a brutal sprint back to the last known location.

    Dodging Pigmen and Ghast Fireballs, pillars collapsing around me as they burst into flames, I finally find my way back and finish the job I failed on last time.

    Pausing only for a breath, I gather up all my dropped items and take stock.

    No pickaxe.

    My beloved, expensive, trusty pickaxe is nowhere to be found.

    I look all around, it's only a narrow corridor, where could it have gone?

    Then I see the hole in the wall I hadn't noticed before. I quickly smash my way through it and find myself staring down into an abyss. A huge drop to a Fortress below where Blaze patrol and Pigmen squeal.

    It must be down there.

    I retrace my steps and standing atop a pillar, I begin to smash my way down to ground level.

    The world, for a second, screams. Deja Vu, I've been here before, I've done this before, and then suddenly, the platform I was stood on is now a foot behind me and I'm falling. Falling fast.

    I think back to my training and I try to land shoulder-first to roll out of it, but at that height, my body becomes one with the Nether.

    Back at the Spawn Point, the Gods must be finding amusement in my suffering.

    I begin to sprint, harder, faster, towards my last location. I fight Pigmen, dodge Ghasts and finally find the pile of scattered equipment.

    Grabbing it all up, I see the bread and Magma Cream is missing... Where has it gone? It's vanished.... I look around, nowhere for it to fall and be lost forever, it's just not there...... Damn....

    Forgetting about the things that can be replaced, I look over to the bridge where the thing that cannot be replaced may hopefully be....

    I run towards the bridge, I see there's a gap of a foot, I jump to clear it and suddenly the pain sears through my entire body as I feel a blade connect to the back of my head.

    Disorienated, hurt, confused, I flail in mid-air, my stride lost, the power gone, and I fall.....

    I look down as I fall.

    That painful, bright, searing glow comes closer and quicker towards me.

    I realise that no shoulder roll will save me from this impact.

    My body burns.

    I die.
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  2. Nooooo why must this happen!
  3. I don't mind dying from the game, but when you die from lag..... Rage! :p

    Total loss came to:

    Five stacks of Glowstone Dust
    Half a stack of Magma Cream
    and of course..

    Enchanted pick that cost me 17000r
  4. I know your pain but it was just in the wild. Great read of the adventure though.
  5. :eek: That's definitely a monumental bummer - but it made for an engaging read.

    So, awesome story - but, not about what happened... :(

    So...not awesome story?? :confused:
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  6. Now that is why i live on barter trade :p
  7. aw bad luck. i'm gonna like your story, not because I like to see you suffer, but it was a good story :)
  8. I went back one last time and got set on by about five Blaze mobs.

    Predictably enough, I died. :)
  9. Oh, kilmannan :( Poor you! My poor pickaxe too. It was still just a baby!
  10. This made me cry man. I thought you were going to make it out of there alive the third time
  11. dundundunnnnnnnnnnnnn