The Minoorr clan (Story)

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  1. This is a story I came up with well on the toilet. Hopefully it isn't crap! *Badum,tish*

    It all started on December, 5th, 2012. The Minoorr clan, which I was part of, was celebrating its biggest holiday, Partito degil dei, or party of the gods. Everything was at peace, even the drunks. We were just about to have the feast, when a young man, who went out to get apples, reported that at least hundred men were moving towards our settlement. He said they were also carrying swords, axes, pickaxes, and flint and steel. In no way were they here to be peaceful. The leader of our clan, Sapmet The Great, ordered everyone to get ready to abandon our village. The guards got to their positions, family's packed their stuff, and I, I, was ordered to do one thing no one else could do, get the Books of Law. These books were the basics on what to do, if something like what was going on, was to happen. They had maps to secret chests, secret houses and villages, and the the locations of levers. The levers were to be used to lower and hide the most important things that we could not take with us.

    Once I got the books, I started doing what they said. The first thing for me to do was find Sapmet. Once I found him, I was to get two other leaders of the clan. Me, Sapmet, and the two others would be to four to start up a new settlement. The second thing was to locate the levers, and lower the stuff they were attached to. We had to get the enchantment table down, a small shrine down, and the book shelf's that held the books written by the members of the clan. The third, and last thing to do, was simply to pray for the best of the Minoorr members we could not take. After that, we were set to go.

    That is what I have so far! Please tell me what you think!
  2. This is gold, I like it :{)
  3. Now that we had done everything we needed, we handed out stone swords to the children, and Iron swords to the adults. We handed out food and healing potions to the family's, so they would have a bigger chance of surviving. We then packed up everything, handed out a few maps, and then we were off. The first task was to get to the nearest secret village. The closeted was made in the Indev period, meaning it would not be as good as the others. We were walking for just 15 minutes, when we ran into a group of 5 of the unknown enemy. We readied our swords, and went for the kill. When we got up close, one of them shouted, and we stabbed him. The other four started swinging at us, but they were poorly trained, and never touched us. They were quickly killed off, and we kept going. Around a hour later, we arrived at the village.

    (This part is not done yet.)
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