The Miners Kit

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  1. I mine quite often. Thats a understatement... I mine too much, im addicted. (I should make a Miners Anonymous to help people who have been taken over by mining)

    I always bring a certain kit with me, for what I think is good for all occasions. Low inv space taking up, and less hassle. Any suggestions on what I should change?

    64 Planks
    9 Iron
    1 Diamond Pick
    1 Diamond Shovel
    64 Melon

    Thats my kit. What do YOU use when you go mining?
  2. 64 Logs
    128 Cobblestone (2 Stacks)
    64 Iron
    3 Diamond Picks +1 Silk Touch + Fortune 3
    2 Diamond Shovels
    2 Diamond Swords
    2 Diamond Axes
    Stack Of Bread
    2 Stacks Of Meats
    5 Stacks Of Melon
    2 Ender Chests

    Think thats it
  3. Man. I have the low budget kinda kit lol
  4. 3 Boats
    Silk touch pick
    Fortune pick
    Normal pick
    Eff 2 knock back 2 sword
    64 steak
    16 Golden apples
    64 dirt
    Eff 3 axe
    (everythig is diamond)
    4 chests
    64 gravel
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  5. Diamond Pick
    Diamond Spade
    Silk touch/Fortune III (or both sometimes)
    Diamond Sword
    Diamond Armour
    1 Stack of bread
    1 Stack of planks
    1 Stack of torches
    1 Bed
    1 Stack of dirt

    I will also put some extras in my enderchest. :)
  6. Why the boats? lol.

    Ive never even made aender chest :/
  7. if she meets water on a journy she can go across water (Duh!)
  8. Psh. thats pretty smart lol.
  9. Especially at night time, it's easier on water because mobs can't see you. And in water you can't get fall damage :p
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  10. i just have a iron pick and a few stone ones :confused: :( i needa sort myself out
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  11. Itll be ok opti.. Im here for you.. lol.
  12. i normally have a diamond pick with fortune 1, unbreak 3 and eff 3 and ofcourse some food and alot of torches not much more than that, i try to keep my inventory as free as possible for me to carry what i get from mining
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  13. haha, lol. Poor opti.
  14. i found some diamonds now so atm taking a diamond pick stack of dirt and a few pieces of bread, will improve over time, just started so needa get everything sorted and gather resources.