The Minecraft Council Needs A Moderator To Help

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  1. I have Started the Minecraft Council which we vote on ideas and topics, then we send the best ones to Justin and/or Jeremy.

    We were hoping to have a Moderator join, so we could have a person to help us in the group, and since they would be a moderator, Justin and/or Jeremy would probably reply to then faster than a regular player.

    If you have a Moderator who is willing to join, tell them to go to the thread called "The Minecraft Council" and read what i have posted before applying.

    Thank you for your help
  2. Moderators are very busy people, and when they aren't busy they are offline. I don't see how a Moderator could possibly make time to join a council that technically serves no purpose whatsoever.
  3. Well that was a bit offensive say it servers no purpose.

    I know they are busy. But we were hoping for one to join.
  4. I like the idea of community input on things :) Almost everything we do is a result of feedback from the community. You don't need a moderator for us to hear you, we listen to everyone :)
  5. Offensive? Maybe.
    But this council is simply a coalition of biased players that may or may not be beneficial to anyone. Feel free to keep going with it, but you would be far better off posting an idea thread than 'voting' on it as a council.

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  6. ok thanks justinguy.
  7. I know. i will continue with the council. thanks for your opinion :)
  8. If you need any materials or such, I can maybe get them for you. Building projects are fun.

    Glad this didn't become an argument of sorts.. I don't like fighting.
  9. me neither, we do need some materials though, if you apply on the thread called "The Minecraft Council" i can give you a position on the Council, we are looking for an assistant for the Vice-President if you want to apply for that position. If you are going to apply, please read what i wrote on the first page of the thread before Applying. :)
  10. As much as I may want to apply, I'm already swamped with the task of creating a village in an undisclosed location far from everyone else on earth... Except for xxBoWnZxx666 as he is helping me build it.

    When I visit the main Town, I'll be sure to stop by.
  11. ok, thanks