The Minecraft Council (Application Thread)

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  1. Hello everyone, i have started The Minecraft Council, the actual thread explains it, but to get access to the thread The Minecraft Council (tshack235), first you apply here.

    Answer these questions

    1. What are you good at?
    2. When are you usually online?
    3. Out of what you are good at, what do you do the most?
    4. What server do you play on?
    5. How long have you played Minecraft, and would you consider yourself a Novice, a Beginner, an Intermediate player, A Pro/Expert, or a Master?
  2. I have applied with Historian101 in-game as a farmer but I haven't put it up on the thread.
    So here it is the official application form.
    1. I'm good at farming and mining
    2. I online 4hrs a day when my university open. ( 9 january 2012 )
    So now i'm online upto 12-14 hrs a day. (some day i might not as I have to go do other things. But I rarely go)
    3. I do mining most of the time as of now. when my farm finish I will do farming.
    4.My residence is on SMP2 lots 4342. I also play on other server as well. Mining resorces.
    5. I have join EMC for 28 days now. And I play Minecraft on single player for about 5-6 months before I join EMC
    (I used to have my own server too. But my internet is not up to the task because it only support 3 poeple at a time. Otherwise it will have lots of lag.)
    I think I'm an Intemediate player.

    Pls add me to the Council duties conversation.
  3. This is my Application Hope you like it :)
    1. I am good at persuasive techniques, animal farming and dealing with busy situations.
    2. Since it is holidays here in Aus, i'll probaly be on, as previously stated by "nnnnmc3" About 12-14h daily. But if its school hourse maybe 3-6 hours.
    3. I mostly manage my shop, breed my chickens + cows and hire new miners
    4. I onlt play on SMP4 :) (The best server :D)
    5. I have played on Minecraft for quite a while now. Before i actually purchased the game i played it. Then i purchased it and it became x30 more fun! Since about Aug '10. So i would rate between intermediate and Pro.

    I did attempt to run a "Hamachi (c)" server but failed as I was hacked into.
    I am good at managing things.
    I own my shop: '8998' on smp4

    I hope you read this, let alone let me in :)

    -Kind Regards
  4. yes you can officially join, you can mine and farm for us
  5. yes you can join, sorry about you being hacked :/ , and your jobs are animal breeding, we needs mob drops from mobs like sheep, chicken, cows, or pigs
  6. I am really good at keeping everyone in focus, and planning large scale operations
    I am online most days for 1-2 hours at 4:00 mountain time
    I am really good at planning building and most of the time can figure out any problems you throw at me
    I play on smp4
    I have played sense it came out: expert

    I would like to apply for "Presedents assistant"

    I would hope you take me into consideration,
  7. hmmm, you can join

    i need you to build an xp farm if possbile
  8. sure can i have anyhelp and also where?
  9. ummmm, any smp server. and i am busy at the moment, sorry.

    you can ask for help on the Council thread called "The Minecraft Council (tshack235)"
  10. Okay, we have enough farmers and miners. Now we should focus on other areas.
  11. yeah, we need a WORKING xp farm, mine doesnt work very good.

    we also need more logs and stuff like basic minerals
  12. T-Shaack i applied, just wondering if you could update the list? :)
  13. Should We set up some kind of in-Empire Plaza where we can go make speeches and political things?
  14. I just tried to make a Zombie XP Farm in SSP. Fail.
  15. lol, i did ricoshade, and sure historian
  16. 1. What are you good at? Redstone wiring, finding valuables AKA mining ;) Making statues!
    2. When are you usually online? Mainly everyday besides when im on holidays XD
    3. Out of what you are good at, what do you do the most? I usually make Statues, but i reset my res so statue gone :(
    4. What server do you play on? SMP1 :) 1389!
    5. How long have you played Minecraft, and would you consider yourself a Novice, a Beginner, an Intermediate player, A Pro/Expert, or a Master? Ihave played for about a year and a half :) i consider myself and Pro/expert, not master, yet :p
  17. I also can make big buildings!
  18. your in!

    i was wondering if someone (you) could make a memorial for a friend of mine who was banned (supermaster110) it can be on your res, but you can ask historian101 if you can build it on the council base at his res or near the building
  19. Ok i need a pic of him though , because otherwise i dont know what to make, and i dont exactly HAVE the supplies currently, or are u supplying :)
  20. ummm, i might be able too, just make a small version of the washington memorial or something and put a sign saying "To Supermaster110" in front of it