The Minecraft Addons Thread

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  1. In some places, it's been nearly 24 hours since addons came to MCPE. It's about time EMC had a thread on the matter. This thread is for anything to do with addons. Whether it be your playthrough of the alien invasion map, a way to turn ghasts into laser turrets, or just the little tweak you made to boats, it can go here.

    I've been working on creating a baby version of every mob in the game. Here's what I've done so far. First, I looked at chickens. They have a baby version already coded in, and I used that as my starting point.

    I then turned the parts that say "chicken" into the word "bat".
    I also changed the diet to fruit instead of seeds, as that's what most bats eat IRL. I did the same for the adults, transferring over breeding.

    Fun fact: getting away from danger is more important than breeding! Makes sense, I guess. ;)
    And there it is so far. I'll update this with more addons as I create them. Expect tamable bunnies in the future! :D Feel free to share your own addon experiences any time you like.