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  1. So seriously, when did they send the memo about the end of the world.. I never got it.. Seriously. For those whom don't know or haven't heard.. Nexon has licensed one of their game to Valve.. :O
  2. lol, Im surprised no one has seen this yet.. Is the gaming board mostly dead?
  3. Prolly
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  4. I uninstalled my original client and downloaded the steam client as I always do when ftp games I play get added to steam.. I also played on my Evie character a bit and made a Fiona char.. The temp outfits I got for being a returning player are a tiny bit OP, but it makes the game fun for me again.. :3
  5. Im not that much of a gamer and when I read your post i was like Wuuuuuuuuuu

    Only thing I understood was Evie and I thought you misspelled Evee As in you were takling about Pokemon. xD
  6. You mean Eevee? xD.. No Evie is a character in the Vindictus Storyline. She is a ranged caster. Vindictus is a Hack and Slash RPG.
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  7. Yes Eevee, haven't played pokemon in a while. I should check that out sometime.
  8. ...Not to mention, one of the better games Nexon has released.. And the better of the 2 devCat games.. Mabinogi costs way too much money to play for being a FTP games..
  9. Oh.....
  10. Mabinogi has you buy cards to do anything and you only get one character (unless you buy more character cards), if you want a pet you have to buy the pet card, if you want to build a homestead, you need to buy a permit.. etc.. and all of these transactions cost nx (Nexon's game cash).. And if you have a premium character for too long they make you pay for an addition premium character card after a few months otherwise you are unable to rebirth your character.
  11. Vindictus is not like that, sure there are things that you can buy with nx, however, to make armor you go through the dungeons and collect the items you need to make new things and level up you old things and you may need to do a dungeon several times before you can have everything that you need to construct..
  12. "Oh we're losing money. Let's license our game to Valve. Maybe they'll make sequels and stop at 3?"
    xD I'm kinda surprised. But yeah I can't stand how Mabinogi is done. I had one character I got pretty high but I hated how you have to pay for everything. I had an account hacked and a character I didn't even want and couldn't get rid of it so had to make new ones :(
  13. o,o... DFO is there now...
  14. *downloads*
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  15. Evee is a pokemon, right?
  16. Eevee is a pokemon, Evie is a Fighter in Vindictus.
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