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  1. So on utopia ive decided to automate a row of my MASSIVE melon farm. (1 row=118 blocks)
    And the amount of money and redstone is already draining me, so donations of:
    Rupees: I dont want to be greedy, so please keep it under 250
    Redstone: The amount of redstone ill need is massive
    Redstone torches
    Redstone Repeaters
    All donations are much appreciated, The melon farm is at res 5212 on utopia town. (even if your not a supporter you can go to town).
    This will benefit the community because i will set up [FREE] Melon shops on SMP1, and the melon farm will be pressure plate activated so anyone can use it anytime.
    EDIT: Also, this wont cause lag because you'll have to step on several pads for each section of the farm to reduce entity/block lag.
  2. about how much redstone do you need i can't go on utopia but we could arrange a server to meet on and i could give you a lot of the redstone I've mined
  3. ANYONE can go on Utopia, only Gold and Diamond can go in the wild.
  4. Ill need around 600 redstone, but i dont wanna take all ur redstone. maybe 2 stacks?
  5. Redstone isn't expensive.
  6. i have plenty i can supply the whole 600 i believe. i don't make redstone machines or anything it just sits in my chests so i don't mind
  7. i have some extra red stone
  8. This is all greatly appreciated guys :) just tell me when you wanna drop it off and ill be on :)
  9. I'll give you a few stacks of redstone & some rupees. I can either bring it to you on Utopia or leave the stuff in a chest on my Utopia res. Let me know what works :)