The mega mall

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How much would you want to pay for a 5x4 shop that is 4 blocks tall a month?

Poll closed May 2, 2012.
100 Rupees 5 vote(s) 20.8%
200 Rupees 7 vote(s) 29.2%
300 Rupees 2 vote(s) 8.3%
More than 300 Rupees 1 vote(s) 4.2%
Less than 100 Rupees 9 vote(s) 37.5%
  1. The mega mall


    Total shops: 16 (there will hopefully be more soon).
    Open shops: 9
    Rented shops: 7
    Price per block (in the shops): 1 Rupee each
    Rent length: 7 Days
    Residence: (1931)

    Payment information:

    You must pay for the shop once a week. After your rent expire, you will have two (2) days to pay the rent. If you do not pay in the seventh days, we will close down your shop (block it with fences), and you will have two (2) days to pay the rent. If you still don't pay the rent after the ninth day, we will take all your items.

    All payments has to be done to me (kyllingman2), or else it WILL NOT COUNT.
    When you pay, you will have exactly 7 days shop rent.

    How do you get your chest-shops in your shop?

    We will have placed all the chests you will be able to place signs above. When you do want to place your signs above the chests, we will give you enough time with build permissions to place the signs. We will observe you while you do it. If you do anything else than placing the signs, you will have an permanent ban (remove move permission) from the residence (1931).

    YOU PAY AFTER YOUR SHOP HAS BEEN SET UP WITH SIGNS AND CHESTS, so you will have exactly 7 days of rent :).

    We will private message you the day before you have to pay, we will also send you the information you may want.

    Any contact or questions will happen through a private message to me (kyllingman2) or kyllingman3.
    You may discuss the mall in the comments.
  2. I don't understand what the Poll's asking.. And no one donates to stores.
  3. If it's 5x4 mall no need to call it mega :p
  4. The mall won't be that size, just the main size of one single shop. We're going to make many of those :).
  5. I don't really looking for people to donate, It was just to make the people to read it aware of that they can donate. If you don't understand what's the poll asking for, just don't care :).
  6. Then it won't be a mall.. I call my mall a mall because it's actually a mall, unlike people who just call a mini wood shop a mega mall.
  7. So it won't be a mall if we have like 30 stores you can rent then sell whatever you want to? I think that will be a little like a mall because there will be many shops.
  8. Like my res on smp2, I decided that I needed a way to sell the stuff I didn't need, but I didn't want to run a huge store with all the blocks ever made in minecraft. So I'm in the making of a little shop. If you want to see a mega mall check out 3456 or 4421.
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  9. So that is what you where talking about. I thought It was going to be a mall run by only you and your friend.
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  11. 4421 FTW ;P
  12. Yeah smp2 has the best malls that i've seen so far ;)
  13. Cos us mall-makers are bloomin' awesome xD
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  14. Anyways - in a 4by5by4 room, you can add only (4?) chests, or 8 if you put them on the wall @ block height 3. Saying that, I'd pay 150-200 monthly, IF it got the kind of traffic that the good markets do, May start off lower, since not too many people will be coming by to visit it at first.
  15. Please remember we're not done :)....
  16. hey guys, but our idea is to let people rent shops in our mall so they can earn their money and we can have allot different shops that a bad idea? and if it is, why?
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  18. Have a look after a hard day of work @ 1931 (SMP1). We started with the sandstone frame today. Means we have gain enough glass and sandstone to complete the walls and roof :).