The Maze

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  1. Hello again! It's me, 8comimi, with another challenge for the public. This one won't nearly as hard as my parkour, but it's still a challenge. This time, I am hosting a maze contest. The winner gets 10 diamonds and 2,000 rupees. The residence is 2146 one SMP1, and I hope you enjoy. :D By the way, you must have your brightness level all the way up to bright. The maze is very dark, and can cause eye strain if you are on moody. Once again, have fun and I assume the someone will win in a short amount of time, so you should hurry.

    Edit: The Challenge is starting now and will end when someone wins. (Only one may win).
  2. I won found the 10 diamonds!!! also nice drop
  3. fun times lol
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  4. Lol, anyone can still try my maze though. I thought it was pretty fun. :p