The (maybe) first Bourbon Street!

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  1. So i decided to get more into the economy of EMC, so i built the Minecraftian version of Bourbon Street!



    Yes, it doesn't look like much, but thats why i want YOUR help! If you'd like to open up anything here, please PM me about it and we'll work out the details. Here is the info board which has the rules.

    To clarify about purchasing land, you have three options: I give you build and you build whatever you want, you give me all the materials and i build it for you (First month's rent will rise a bit for my effort), or you tell me what you want build, the dimentions, and i gather the materials and build it. If you choose the last option, you must purchase the land you use, and i will give you the price BEFORE i start building so you can approve or disapprove of it.

    PLEASE NOTE: There is NO rent for anything that is free of charge to take part in (I.e A park), but you still must pay for land if you want me to gather and build materials for it.

    So far, we have to buildings: The info center, and MY 1r shop, where EVERYTHING is priced at 1r. It is not yet open, though.

    Questions? Comments? Concerns? Wanting to open something? Please Pm me :)