The Market Place

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  1. Come one, come all to my new Market Place!You can rent a shack for 45 rupees a day and sell anything you want! right now there is currently four shacks open, we are going to build more when it becomes more popular. Here is how it works, there is a main street were all of the shops face. The person who rents the shack gets [Access](There Name).Right now you can only have a single chest, but once more shacks open, there will be double chest. This whole "Market Place" does not use the sign over chest to buy, you give the player the money and they give you the item you bought. You can place signs in front of your shop that says what you are selling....Again, the more of the demand for more shacks the more I will make. The first people to say they want one get them, right now you can see them at my res(#922) and check it out! Remember, first come, first serve!