The Little Markets [Utopia]

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  1. Hello everyone, and this forum thread is for the
    Little Markets.

    The Little Markets are on Utopia, residence number I_FORGOT :p
    These are still being built, and unfortunately, due to the
    session server problems, I haven't been able to get back on to
    finish the market stalls.

    Once I have finished the main seating areas, paths,
    'food vans' and stall set-ups, people will be granted access to
    the residence.

    If you'd like to buy/hire/rent a stall, please post here including this information:
    Have you ever griefed?:
    What type of stall will this be?:

    The prices are as following:
    8x5 blocks: 1k BUY / 700r Hire per week
    6x5 blocks: 600r BUY / 400 Hire per week
    3x4 blocks: 300r BUY / 200 Hire per week

    food vans: 1.6k BUY / 1.2k Hire per week

    This thread will receive many updates, to show our progress.
    When The Little Fair is on, I will create a new thread.

    Thanks for reading,

    P.S I am going to be on Utopia, building for around 3 hours today, as I have no homework to do. Expect breaks though.
    P.P.S Long questions that may require multiple answer edits should be sent to me in a PM.
  2. So basically people will buy/rent stalls/food-vans where they can sell food related items?
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  3. Sell anything. Except the food vans, food is a given for them :p
  4. Can I reserve a 8x5, also shouldn't the 8x5 areas be the most expensive since there the biggest?
  5. As soon as
    a) Minecraft starts working again, for everyone
    b) I finish the paths, and all that other stuff I said I'd finish
    and c) you pay for what your order is,

    you can start building your stand, because I will give 4 people at a time all perms.
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  6. Okay, if anyone has any sandstone, please donate some to us, since I only have a single chest full, which won't do all the paths we're gonna need.

  7. 2012-09-09_15.13.48.png 2012-09-09_15.13.54.png View attachment 7223 2012-09-09_15.13.54.png 2012-09-09_15.13.59.png 2012-09-09_15.14.09.png 2012-09-09_15.14.15.png 2012-09-09_15.14.20.png 2012-09-09_15.15.06.png 2012-09-09_15.15.10.png 2012-09-09_15.15.18.png 2012-09-09_15.15.20.png 2012-09-09_15.15.39.png 2012-09-09_15.13.48.png
    These are some pictures of a basic idea I had for a food van. If you'd like to help me with structural ideas, don't be afraid to share them on this thread! Thanks!
  8. Building will commence in 15 minutes for those who have bought VIP and such. We're nearly there guys!
  9. For the food vans do people pay for items then you drop them into the water shoot?
    Also I'll be able to help building later today.
  10. Exactly that.
    I have school, so in 8-ish hours...? Lol.
    It needs a bit more work, i.e paths, seating areas, markers for where market stalls will be, and other stuff....

    Thanks ;)
  11. I can't really work on in 8 hours because it will 3am for me and I have school tomorrow...
  12. lol, it's okay. I'll just get my side of the work done, and leave you perms and instructions for when it suits you :)
  13. I have tonnes for sale, look at my thread Selling Sand
  14. Sounds good. :D
  15. It's okaay, I already have 2 chests of sand, just remembered :p Thankyou though :)
  16. Mmmkay.
  17. Hey, I just realized, this is what I donated to!
  18. Those who wish to create their market stalls are now allowed to pay & build.
  19. I won't be able to build anything for a while since my computer is broke ):