The Legend of Zelda creations compilation.

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  1. This is something that has come to my mind many times, and now I'm a bit more focused, I'd like to look for all the LoZ creations in EMC, because another thing that brought me here was the 3D overview of what Now I know is SMP1 Town Spawn, where there's this huge, leafless Great Deku Tree. I need to check whose it is but it's quite remarkable.

    Then there's the amazing project by Deathtomb8953 whose thread I'll link when I get back to my laptop.

    And right now I just learned that JustinGuy seems to be a Zelda fan (but who isn't, right? :p) Also, everyday I walk past someone new wearing a Link or Fierce Deity skin. It seems like the servers are swarming with LoZ series followers.

    So I was wondering if anyone knows about more other Zelda related creations, even if they are abandoned or unfinished, and if so, would be so kind as to post them here, not only for me but for other Zelda lovers. Thanks for reading and any participation will be appreciated.

    The Legend of Zelda EMC Creations
    (by order of "discovery")

    • Belchmaster's Great Deku Tree (SMP1 Res nº 105)

    • Deathtomb8953's Legend of Zelda Project - Lost Woods and Deku Tree (SMP9 Res nº 18474)

    • Britbrit3197's Pixel Art (SMP7 Res nº 14163) And searching for the Loftwing.

    • Avrilphile's Pixel Art (SMP5 Res nº 10025) Awesome game included!

    • Dwight5273 Temple of Time (SMP5 Res nº 10008) It says "Temple of Time" when you visit ;_________;
    Temple of Time.png Inside ToT.png MasterSwordaltar.png SagesChamber.png

    • And yeah, my Lon Lon Ranch and Lumpy Pumpkin:p (SMP1 Res nº 1919) Not open right now.
    2013-01-26_00.02.55.png 2013-02-04_19.17.51.png
    Thanks to Dwight 5273, NINJATTILA, TREES (Chris_Flo), MasterMockery (and adding)
    Editing to add screenshots
  2. Britbrit3197' res on smp 7
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  3. Oh that's right!! The Pixel artist from SMP7! Loving it, thank you.
  4. There is a Giant Loftwing 3D art somewhere on SMP7 I can't remember the res Number.
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  5. Auchies, I'll follow the track of pixel art, surely I'll find it eventually.
  6. And LEGO creations? Are there LEGO creations anywhere? D:
  7. Aww, well you can start a compilation thread about that too, there must be some LEGO fans out there, I mean... Minecraft is basically LEGOland come true xD
  8. Updating with all the new info, thanks to all the nice, helpful people here!
  9. on the Zelda note, what were your fav zelda games? mine where wind maker and majoras mask :)
  10. Mine are Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask no doubt. OoT was how I met the saga, and Majora's Mask was a mind blow xD but there's a special place in my heart for Link's Awakening too.
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  11. i really like majoras mask from what i remember, i was really young when playing it and barely ever left the town lol but i enjoyed it :) ive never played Ocarina of Time but i would like too
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  12. There are major additions to update the OP with... I'll just wait until they're all done but... OMG ;_____;
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  13. Oot and LTP, for the win
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  14. Added the Temple of Time *_* ;_; sorry for the feels but it's just awesome xD
  15. LEGOS!