The Legend Continues... This December!

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  1. So ismooch and I have been waiting and waiting for the next anchorman to be released ever since we heard there was going to be a second one. And because I "Liked" the Anchorman page on facebook I saw the trailer for it and it's being released in December! And if you don't like anchorman sorry I wasted your time. I would share the link to the trailer but I'm not positive it would be completely appropriate for all viewers. So if the staff gives me the ok I will or you can google it and check it out for yourselves. :D

    Anchorman 2.jpeg
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  2. stach.jpg

    The Stache is returning... Only 4 1/2 months! Am I the only one excited about it? Maybe so... :oops:
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  3. that moustache is impressive.
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  5. This thread is highly unappreciated. :( Thank you for linking the new trailer!:)