The Lax Club

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    Offers: A convenient place to get wool, milk, mushroom stew, fish, and more!

    Where?: Currently, it is located on smp4 at residence 8027.

    What is there?: A sheep farm, a fishing hole, a cow and mooshroom farm, (coming soon) a auto farm, (coming soon) a super cheap shop marked down several rupees, and (coming soon) a restaurant!

    Cool! How does it work? After a member has payed, they are given use flags. Everything is based around use flags so there is nothing that you cant do, and better yet it wont be griefed!

    Awesome! So how do I join?: There is a weekly payment per person of 30r, once you pay you gen unlimited access to anything at the club for 1 week.

  2. maybe a permanent membership for x amount of rupees?
  3. Some info like what server is it on? or, whats the res number?
  4. I think this could turn out "bad' in a way that it will become too popular, and you will have too many members. One day someone could grief and you would have no idea how to find out who it was:(
    Edit: whoops, read the flags part wrong...
  5. Dangerous: I added the where info.

    Truffle: Maybe, what is your opinion for the price? Like 500r?

    Jk: You should have read it all. I specifically stated
  6. I read it all. How about you specify which use flags?
  7. The flag called use. Aka, /res pset playernamehere use true
  8. When I heard gentlemen's club I thought of something completely different...
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  9. yeah change the name maybe....
    because now it sounds like a playboy like thing...
  10. Do you have levers or something?
  11. Bobert: Good point, its now changed to the Lax Club.

    jk: There is a button that only members are able to use, when they press it, it opens a door which leads to teleporters. The areas are blocked off one the outside so no one else can get in.
  12. Ahhhhh makes sense! And i read it as like "use certain flags."
  13. mind headed that way too. Major confusion after listing the animals....I was like "D: What?"
    Maybe you should see about getting a Mod to change the title, then again the title might help draw attention xD
  14. I have already messaged a moderator, they just have to change it.
  15. ok! sounds interesting though, so i might look into this more!
  16. That's what I thought when I saw the title.
  17. @food: yeah....but I changed it now.
  18. Ya I know. You realize that there's a reply button, right? :eek:
  19. Doesnt look too comfty! Looks a bit dirty!
  20. How?