The Last Of Us - Left Behind

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  1. So this game is what happened BEFORE the whole story of The Last Of Us if Im correct. This game is really really cool and has super awesome graphics. If you think about it Elliekind of looks like the girl from Beyond 2 Souls. Anyways, the whole thing was really epic and fun to play. Has a few jumpscares though. You are sneaking up to knife an enemy and then one of those demented horse thingies jump and kill you... It was also very... uh... weird when this happened -
    So us yeah.
  2. Vote for all the choices!
  3. It's not before the story, it's at the part where Joel falls off that building and gets stabbed by the nail. It's showing what Ellie does while she's looking after him.

    I for one love this game and The Last of Us in general, it touches my feels ; - ;
  4. Havent played it yet! :D