The Last Dragon Chronicles (Book Review)

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  1. Now this is something I don't do often but I decided too for this series. Let me begin shall I.

    The Last Dragon Chronicles is a 7 book series by English writer Chris d'Lacey. It follows the story of college student David Rain and his renters Elizabeth Pennykettle and Lucy Pennykettle, her young daughter. The first book, The Fire Within. Has David recently move in with Liz and Lucy to go to college, he then finds out about Liz's job as an artist in which she sculpts various dragons out of clay. She then makes David a dragon, which is named Gadzooks. Though the real story comes to be about how David writes a book about squirrels for Lucy.

    Now this is just a simple description of the story, mostly not to ruin it. The series is inspiring and tells an unforgettable story, that will make you feel different in an odd way and may even give you a small belief in dragons. Sometimes you will find the stories get a bit confusing and they will, why the whole idea of the stories about took me a bit to figure out. But if it tells you anything the ending almost had me crying and I felt a weird feeling inside. Anyways if you want to buy the books, here is some info about pricing and titles in the series.

    Canadian Dollar: 9.99$
    American Dollar: $8.99
    Pound: Around 6 to 8 pounds, I'm unsure here.

    1. The Fire Within
    2. Icefire
    3. Fire Star
    4. The Fire Eternal
    5. Dark Fire
    6. Fire World
    7. The Fire Ascending
    8. Fire and Rain (Not part of main series)

    If you want more information, ask me, or you can check out other various websites.