The Las Vegas Hotel

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  1. Hello all.
    You may or may not know this, but i am demolishing my hotel. However, i at one point said that i would turn the property into an office/mall complex.
    I have changed my mind on what im building. I am going to build my masterpiece: The Las Vegas Hotel. It will have a total of 48 above ground floors and 15 below ground floors for a total of 63 floors. My calculations have shown that the total area of usable space for my design is a total of just more than 207,000 blocks! There will be a total of 483 normal rooms and 45 deluxe rooms. This project is going to take a long time, so at best case it will finish in the middle of the summer. Worst case is that it will finish at the end of this year.
    Floors B1-B-3 will be a mall. The shops there will be rented out to people for 100r a month, with free advertising. I will build it on singleplayer within a few days and then post the picture of it here. The day after I post that picture, the groundbreaking ceremony for the hotel will take place. I am hoping that it will take place on Saturday, January 12, 2013. The time will be 3:00 PM PST. I am also going to be giving out floors B14-B15 to one person. That person has already rented out the current area of B1. He is agold123 and when the hotel finishes construction, B14-B15 will be his.

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  2. The funny thing is, I was just in Las Vegas.
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  3. What hotel
  4. That reminds me, one time my family and I went to Las Vegas. The hotel screwed up our reservation and so we got the penthouse :D
    Good luck! Sounds epic!
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  5. Someone to help you build or build it completely?
  6. build it completely.
    And actually, the person who builds it will get 100% of the profits.
    I will not need the profits from that because of all the rooms in the hotel.
  7. No offense to you or your plans...but I find that completely crazy to expect someone to be the head builder of a project that will take until the summer, or until the end of the year, for an amount of rupee's someone could easily get in a few hours.
  8. I said originally
    plus this update
    And when I said paid 4,000 rupees, I mean I will pay him for building it and then I said that he would recieve 100% of the profits from people using the casino
  9. I guess I dont know about the profit a casino could bring in, but it must be pretty large :p
  10. In Las Vegas, its huge and thats what the casino is to mimic!
  11. Just added my singleplayer model screenshot of the hotel so far. It only consists of the outdoor entrance of the building. I am making this on CREATIVE MODE in singleplayer currently.
  12. I've started building the 2nd floor. Semester finals have forced me to change when the model will be finished. The new finish date for the model will be about April 2nd. The hotel will, unless I work super fast, be finished in EMC probably around September 30
  13. Ive had no luck in hotels so far. I cant get any progress done. Even with my designs, I just cant build it. The cost is too high and the time to build it by myself without missing any schoolwork is just enormous. Im quitting the hotel business for good.
    I will be starting a new company soon. News to come later!
  14. Ive decided to go ahead with the building once I get the materials needed.
    The res im building it on, 3470, is reset and only has trees on it.
    There is a chest in front of the res spawn for wool donations so that I can build it.
  15. Donations now unneccesary as I can now get what I need from my sheep