The 'Know your Meme' thread!

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  1. Welcome to the 'know your Meme' Thread!
    This is THE place to be if you want to get known to the wonderful world of the memes!

    Here are some I know:

    1. Trollface

    2. Me Gusta

    3. Forever Alone

    4. LOL

    5. I lied

    6. You don't say?


    8. Derpina

    9. Pokerface

    10. Challenge Accepted

    11. Okay

    12. **ck yeah!

    13. B**ch please

    14. Y U NO

    15. No.

    16. Not bad

    17. True Story.

    18. The Most interesting man in the world.

    19. Sweet Jesus

    20. Awww Yeah!

    Have fun reading all those!

    We don't need you here.
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  2. 21. Impossibruu!

    22. Oh God, why?

    More coming soon.
  3. Don't challenge my meme knowledge, it is vast and infinite.
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  4. Go to 100.
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  5. My knowledge of memes extends across the constantly expanding universe. Challenge accepted.

    Herobrine - More of a creepypasta than anything.

    How about no - Possibly the most overused and annoying of them all on the forums.

    All the things

    Overly attached girlfriend

    Overly photogenic guy
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  6. How did I forget this one?

    Gangnam style.
    Or this woman:

    Zeddie Little.
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    • Priority Peter
    • Courage Wolf
    • PTSD Clarinet Kid
    • I Accidentally X
    • Pools Closed
    • Derprolling
    • Make Me a Sandwhich
    • Bonk!
    • Sitting Lyra
    • Rev up those fryers, because I'm sure hungry for-
    • We should take all the X, and Y (Pushing Patrick)
    • Boom, Pregnant.
    • Trying Really Hard Girl
    • Imagination Spongebob
    • That Post Gave Me Cancer
    • Nyan Cat
    • Homestruck
    • My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
    • Gravity Falls
    • Adventure Time
    • A Winner is You!
    • All your base are belong to us
    • The Game
    • The Object to Your Left
    • The !1 Phenomenon
    • Occupy Wall Street
    • The Family Guy Effect
    • Etc.
    These are all memes, all you have demonstrated are Image Macros, although I have put some of those in mine too.
  7. Me needz dat pics.
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  8. Ponification.

    You're gonna have a bad time.
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  9. (No Image for Derprolling)

    (^Woman to right of Really Photogenic Guy)

    I think you get the idea...
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  10. Also known as Rule 85 and Rule 86:
    • Rule 85: For everything, there is a pony version for it.
    • Rule 86: For everything that doesn't have a pony version of it, one will be made.
    (I'm paraphrasing)
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  11. Crying while eating
    (Really old meme, created in 2005 and was left to rot)
  12. Most of those are rage faces, which, alone, are not memes.

    Computer husband meme
  13. I know one people haven't used yet.
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  14. Poker.jpg


    Why did you quote me? Huh?
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  15. I have posted the most memes so far. A winner is me.