The Kingdom Of Vulcan- Smp6

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  1. We are currently in the process of finishing up some builds and then we will start recruiting people to the outpost
    For now we need a few people to help us get started :
    Types of people We need
    • Builders (medieval style)
    • Redstone worker
    • Supply Runner
    Application for above
    Home Server:
    What job you will do (Pick form above):
    Experience in that job (Builders post a pic if possible):
    Have you ever been Kick/Ban:
  2. ING:
    home Server:
    What job you will do:
    Experience in that job(Builders post a pic if possible):
    have you ever been banned:

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  3. sorry did this quick
  4. IGN: ChickenButler
    Home Server: SMP9 - 18434
    What job you will do: Either Build or create redstone.
    Experience in that job(Builders post a pic if possible): I have experience building and creating redstone circuits. See pictures below or visit my res on SMP9 (18434) - Exterior is finished, Interior is finished up through level 5. I built this and gathered all material except a few chiseled stone blocks. I did NOT design this but copied it from the Internet (RezolutnyDarek). For redstone, I did create a 8 terminal rail station with push button destination selection and automatic cart return.
    Have you ever been banned: No

    I'm not sure if I want to join yet but I have a few questions. I was wanting to start a medieval outpost in the Frontier and this might be what I am looking for.
    1. Is the style of this output going have a medieval style?
    2. Will the outpost be a free form build or do you have a specific city already planned out (i.e. keep, armory, inn, taverns, shops, homes, gardens, castle walls, cathedral, etc.)?
    3. What biome or biomes does it cover?
    4. Are you planning on creating a single city or multiple cities?
    5. Will you be getting supplies from the Frontier or Wastelands?
    6. How long does it take to get there?

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  5. 1.yea we are going w/ a medieval them
    2.we do have some buildings planned inside the wall but we so have areas for free build and the city outskirts will be all fee build
    3.right now we are only in a plains boom but there is mountains, desert, and juggle all less than 2 mins away
    4.we will start out with one city and as we populate trusted leaders will be chooses to establish new cities within the area
    5. We will use the frontier to get supplies or have people pick them up in town and bring them out
    6. It takes 10-15 mins to get out on horseback

    You are accepted just let me know if ur in so I can pm u cords
  6. ING:Ruari342
    Home Server:Smp8
    What job you will do (Builder):
    Experience in that job (res 17261 and 17260):
    Have you ever been Kick/Ban: no
  7. ok welcome to Vulcan :)
  8. I would join but I want to finish mine also I want to ask u something next time I see u on smp6 about the bases.

  9. hi that sounds good and sure :)