The KickA Raiders

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  1. Hi guys Kick here and I'm making sort of a faction! Reply below if you want to join.

  2. EMC doesn't have factions
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  3. Just a reminder - Griefing/stealing is never allowed. Groups, clans, outposts, and etc. are allowed, as long as you go by the rules. Thought I'd leave this comment since you set yourself up in an awkward direction :p
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  4. no i mean its just kind of a group of users
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  5. wth... whaddaya mean "awkward direction"?
  6. XD
  7. Didn't think I'd have to explain but:

    1) Name of said group
    2) Calling it a faction - Suggests pvp, raiding, and such in Minecraft.

    I don't mean to be mean though, carry on. :)
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