The Khazneh "City Of Sand"

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  1. Hey guys,

    So i started work on my "waste of Space" ┬ęBrandop123 :rolleyes:

    It is the Khazneh Which I believe to be translated to the City Of Sand but if I'm wrong maybe someone can let me know :)

    Here is a picture, the creation is not yet finished but i hope you like it so far :)

    To view, it is on SMP8 res 16004

    Thanks to Sagem4tt for the screenshot.
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  2. Seems you have alot going mate. Nice job as always! :)
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  3. Oi was thinking, are you in need of anything? Im thinking about donations :)
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  4. Can I help
  5. Okay,

    Its now done,

    I have enclosed 2 pictures, 1 of mine and 1 of the real one. I'm sorry that due to the standard Minecraft texture pack, seeing the different blocks is hard, but I hope you like my work :)

    First, Mine :)

    and now the real one :)



    this can be seen on res 16004 SMP8
  6. Just enjoy my work :)
  7. Thats what I am doing, but wanted to help in some sort of way :)
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  8. I know bud :) and I appreciate the offer.
  9. Therefore, I think that you should accept it ;)
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  10. You should try and build the Indiana Jones traps on the inside of it :D
  11. A recommendation: Maybe surround it with a stone cliff and put stone behind it to make it look more like the real thing?
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  12. yup, that's in the plan :p Just full of Man flu so not been on much but yeah good suggestion and keep em coming


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