The journey is complete :D

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  1. Nice try guys
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  2. That moment when you're not even 0.1% of the way.
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  3. Dang, that gift shop better be really good if I'm going 100,000 out in the frontier...
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  4. Actually!

    0.111111111 percent so actually slightly over that *mind blown* I have no idea why I was curious as to the actual percentage but I did the math so here you go lol.

    Edit: *looks back at math* so... that may be wrong a lil bit... I may have oversimplified it.

    Second edit: ok... im fairly certain that is correct at this point. someone please error check me so I can sleep tonight XD

    Third edit: or an even more impressive 3.333333% lol I'm lost don't mind me. Where is our math people that haven't been out of school for over a decade? I'm a lil rusty.
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  5. It's actually


    I think 30,000,000 is the limit.
  6. I calculated it with 3million not 30million, which is what i thought the border was.
  7. I kinda want to get myself over there forever...
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  8. Didn't know there actually was a border :p