The Jimbo Mod pack!

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  1. Here are my moods I use.
    To get more info on each one please click the links/beaners.
    Please comment on mods you like or think I should get!

    Here it is...

    My texture pack (the one I use)

    Opti fine

    Sonic Ether's Unbelievable Shaders (yet to be 1.3.1)

    Rei's Mini map
    Too Many items!

    Please Please Please tell me what ones you like and what ones you want me to add
  2. add TMI
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  3. I prefer NEI but I could'nt find it
  4. Get InGame info.
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  5. For now I will ad TMI
  6. I was gonna make a copy or my minecraft.jar but I don't have all these mods at the moment because they are not all 1.3 compatible yet
  7. I am sir bump a lot !!
  8. ^^^
    I dont get what it does
  9. I am still a wee bit stuck as to what Magic lancher does.
  10. Basically, it installs mods without having to repackage your jar over and over.
    Also, what are your computer's specs, and how does the Sonic Ether's mod run for you?
  11. I havent yet used it because I have only recently found out about it