The JFK Assassination

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  1. Well, my history teacher was talking about the Assassination of John F. Kennedy, and he drew a picture and labled it, and i belive this is correct. Here is my poorly drawn replica:
    1) Where JFK was riding in his car with his wife and the governer
    2) Where the first shot was BELIVED to have been fired from
    3) Where people were standing to greet JFK
    4) (Those are bushes) Where the first shot WAS fired from
    5) Where the second shot was fired from (Around that area)
  2. "The President has been shot!"
    "Where's the shooter?"
    "Next to that giant green scribble!"

    Joking aside, that might just be right.
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  5. I saw this and being the idiot I am somehow thought "JFK has been assassinated again? :confused:"
  6. Haha.
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  8. They clearly must have reanimated his body for their own evil gains.
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  9. Goverment: Quick, go to the green scribble!


    *Shooter grabs lawnmower*

    *Police come out*


    Shooter: NEVAR!





    *Shooter jumps out of lawnmower*

    Police: GET HIM

    *Shooter finally dies after a number of days*

    This is creative, not real. :p

    Guess witch game I got that from (Hint: It's a lego game)
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  12. I try Wink.png
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  13. I'm giving the answer tomrrow
  14. Er....
    Lego star wars?
  15. I once read about the assassination of JFK and Lincoln. They both were rather mindblowing, but when people asked me questions about them, I always had to take a shot in the dark.
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  16. Please, more of that lol
    Erm, attempt at a joke there?
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  17. Fun fact: The JFK assassination took place the day before the very first episode of Doctor Who (An unearthly child) was broadcasted. It was also eighty seconds late because of BBC's coverage on the assassination.
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  18. I can just see it now...

    "Yes! The very first episode of Doctor Who!"
    "5! 4! 3! 2! 1!"
    ~We interrupt this program to tell you that Mr. President has been shot.~
    ~79 seconds of mindless rambling~
    ":mad: How dare they interrupt Doctor Who!"
  19. No, Lego City Undercover :p

    Except the guy is the most famous crimial, and he doesn't die. Or shoot people.